Rescues or Shelters

kitties01.jpgWe happily work with legitimate animal rescues and shelters. In fact we have some GREAT rescues and shelters listed in our links section. Call us for details.

Dr. Wilcox worked in shelter medicine for about five years and saw the tragedy of the pet overpopulation problem firsthand. Spay Neuter is the answer, warehousing animals is not!

All we ask is that you show us your 501 3c and current nonprofit paperwork. We offer a free rabies vaccine with the purchase of a spay or neuter surgery.


Make sure before you donate to an animal related rescue, retirement home, or shelter etc that they are legitimate. IF you can visit the facility and make sure it is real and meets the American Shelter Veterinarians Guidelines for capacity to care.

Check them out or or the IRS charitable guides.
Or even the secretary of state’s website to see if they are listed as nonprofit in your state before donating. Sadly there are many people who are con artists who ask for money for animal related charities that are not nonprofit or are actually animal hoarders or abusers. The internet particularly Craig’s List has become a hot bed for fraud. We have seen some pathetic scams on the internet that play upon the sympathy of the good hearted.

There is no breeding in real rescues and no boarding… most foster dogs out… rarely will they board a dog or cat. You should be able to visit the facility. If they say they have a vet bill ask what vet and ask to see the bill for that specific pet… then call the vet clinic and pay them directly… if they decline that info… think hard about giving them a donation!

Here are some links about scams… sadly they happen right here in our own back yard! Some of our clients have been scammed!

ASPCA - Pet Scam Stories - Rescue Scams – What You Should Know
this one is spot on - Dog Adoption Scams

This takes away funds from the good guys who are truly trying to do a good job.

Please remember to always donate to your legitimate local shelters and recues.
Do not give to the national ones or ones on TV because the funds will never help local animals. They buy expensive TV ads, pay executive salaries and go for propaganda.
Donating locally helps local animals and helps the local economy; they need your help today!