The Magoo


Magoo is our resident clinic cat.
Magoo is a goodwill ambassador to all people and pets who come to SVSNC.
Magoo is a domestic short hair brown tabby and white neutered declawed cat. Magoo and his 4 siblings were abandoned in a box at Bauer Equestrian Center.
Magoo was a keeper from day one. Even when he pooped in an employee’s purse!

Magoo enjoys his feather toys, being taunted by the sparrows outside the window, brown paper bags, stalking Chihuahuas, grooming himself in public places, and snuggling in grandma’s lap.

Magoo is well traveled; he goes home every weekend with Dr. Wilcox. At home he enjoys playing with Lucy, Chip and Norman Bates Psycho Cat of the Midwest.

Magoo has some new friends too, OJ and Lucy Lou!