E Collar Etiquette

Your pet has been issued an E Collar or cone.
Your pet tried to lick, bite or chew at their post-surgical incision site.
This is no good for wound healing in fact self-traumatization can damage or delay the healing.

The damage may need repaired, and that could cost you more than the surgery! We will not be responsible for fees for services obtained elsewhere should you choose not to follow aftercare instructions.

Rules for E Collars:

Leave the E collar on for 10-14 days as instructed. It is only a few days out the pet’s entire life!

Pull the pets bowls away from walls or objects, so that the pet can get collar over bowl.

Leash walks only with e collars on.

DO NOT alter size or shape of E collar.
Cutting it down may do more harm than good. The collar needs to extend beyond the end of the pets nose. It has been fitted for your pet.
Cutting may create a sharp edge that can cut the pet when it tries to get to the incision.

Only take off if you can get it back on. Getting it off may be easy but getting it back on may be difficult. You or your pet could get hurt. SO seriously think about it before you do it.

Do not hesitate to call and come in if you think pet has damaged the collar or incision.

COMMUNICATE with family members about the importance of leaving the collar on.

If the pet begins to scratch at incision with hind feet or rub on floor, carpet, armrests or bottoms of chair rungs, wrap belly with ace bandage, or try a t-shirt or onesie for small pets. Baby socks also taped onto hind feet may help. Be careful not to get them taped on too tight or keep wet ones on, it can cause skin damage. We sell Medipet shirts!

Any questions call us 330-545-2255

We will not be responsible for services or fees obtained at another veterinary facility.