Post-Dental Procedures

Your pet has just had one or more dental procedures completed and there are several things to watch for when you take your pet home.

  1. Your pet may act tired the first day home.
  2. Your pet’s breathing should be normal. A slight cough may be heard for several days. It is normal after anesthesia.
  3. Tenderness in your pet’s mouth is common and may make them reluctant to eat for a few days. This is especially true of dry dog food. This can be remedied by softening the food with water or mixing a small amount of canned food in for several days.
  4. A few drops of blood from your pet’s mouth are normal.
  5. Some swelling around the muzzle of your pet may occur. Applying warm compresses after the first day may help.
  6. If your pet had dental extractions that required suturing, the sutures are absorbable and should dissolve on their own.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office at 330-545-2255. Advice may be given over the phone or you may be asked to bring your pet into the office to be examined.

We are not a 24 hour care facility. If you have an emergency that requires immediate attention, please call the The After Hours Emergency Clinic 330-530-8387 or Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital 330-666-2976. They are a fully staffed emergency facility, which is open all night, weekends and holidays.

We will not be responsible for services or fees obtained at another veterinary facility.