Rabies Policy

Trumbull County law states all dogs, cats and ferrets, three months and older shall be vaccinated for rabies on a regular and timely basis. It also requires that the veterinarian vaccinating your pet issue a rabies tag and certificate! In fact, rabies vaccination law exists in every county in Ohio including Mahoning County.

Trumbull County Health Department - What is Rabies?
Mahoning County Board of Health - Rabies Control Regulation (PDF)

All surgical patients are required to receive a rabies vaccine. If your pet has been already vaccinated for rabies and is current, you will need to bring your rabies certificate from a licensed veterinarian.

A rabies certificate from a licensed veterinarian is proof we will accept as it is considered a legal document in court as proof of rabies vaccination. A rabies tag is never proof of a vaccine.

Rabies is a deadly disease for which there is no cure. Vaccination is the absolute best way to prevent rabies.

Wikipedia - Rabies

Need just a Rabies vaccine?

NO problem we have a rabies vaccine and brief exam available for pets. You will be given a rabies tag and proof of vaccine in a rabies certificate. A rabies certificate is the only legal document to verify your pet is vaccinated for rabies. A tag is not proof! Additional Vaccine and surgery packages available to save your time and money!!! Call us for details.