Pediatric Spay Neuter

Puppies01.jpgaka, EARLY AGE SPAY NEUTER

Statement from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AMVA)

"Lowering the number of stray dogs and cats is a high priority for anyone who cares. The AVMA is on record as endorsing early age spay/neuter. As president of the AVMA, I feel it is unconscionable not to use early spay/neuter since it is safe and very very effective in achieving our goals."
-Dr Sherbyn Ostrich, President, AVMA, 1996

Early neutering in dogs and cats is a safe and effective means of pet population control. The risks associated with surgery and anesthesia of pediatric patients are minimal, with the advantages being a shorter operative time, better visualization, rapid recovery, and decreased morbidity. The effects of prepubertal gonadectomy on skeletal, physical, and behavioral development are similar to those seen in animals that are neutered at a more traditional age.

Plus most veterinary clinics charge their spay neuter fees based on weight. It is far less expensive (and difficult) to spay a 25 pound lab puppy than an 80 pound lab full grown dog! Puppies heal quickly and recover quicker!

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